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QA in Research  

The Quality Assurance (QA) system monitors departmental research activities, including their reporting, in order to ensure the achievement of the strategic goals as outlined in the Department's three-year plan.

The Department of Earth Sciences “A. Desio" has set up the following structures:

- Departmental Evaluation Unit (NdVD), chaired by the Department QA delegate. It is in charge of monitoring the Department's productivity, collecting data and information for evaluation and reporting procedures required by the University, the Ministry or other bodies. 

Furthermore, the NdVD: 

  • Promotes research QA by defining and structuring self-assessment and evaluation processes;
  • Constantly monitors the scientific production of Department professors and researchers at all levels;
  • Ensures uploading of post-prints on AIR, to be made available open access, and monitors co-authored international publications;
  • Draws up an annual report on departmental productivity, based on the data collected;
  • Supports other committees and the Department Board;
  • Provides support for accreditation, evaluation and self-assessment activities (SUA-RD, SUA-CDS, PhD programmes, VQR, etc.);
  • Submits documents to the Department Board for resource allocation to research projects (e.g. research grants, university funding).


- Laboratory and Facility Unit (NLS), monitoring the laboratories' research activities as part of the quality assurance system. It contributes to data collection and the analysis of research findings, with the support of committees and administrative functions. In addition, it identifies any need for laboratory equipment.


- Advisory Board, as part of the "Geosciences for Society" project (MIUR Project "Departments of Excellence 2018-2022"). It is composed of 5 national or international external members, identified on the basis of proven excellence in research, as well as experience in evaluation committees. It monitors and assesses project development, liaising with the NdVD and the Management Board.


Annual Data Sheet for Department Research (SUA_RD)

The Annual Data Sheet for Department Research (SUA_RD) is part of the AVA system for self-assessment, periodic evaluation, and accreditation aimed at measuring and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of academic research and Third-Mission activities. The Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) appointed ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes, to oversee the AVA system. 

The form is posted to the Ministry's portal for department research:

The Milan University SUA_RD sheets are posted to the Ministry's portal for department research at:  SUA_RD sheets   2011-2014

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