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QA in the Third Mission  

The Quality Assurance (QA) system monitors departmental Third-Mission activities, including their reporting, in order to ensure the achievement of the strategic goals as outlined in the Department's three-year plan.

In addition to the Department Independent Evaluation Unit (NdVD), the Department QA system for the Third Mission includes the following committees:

- Committee for the Promotion of Geosciences, which coordinates public engagement initiatives launched by all Department members to promote and disseminate geosciences outside the academic community. 

  • It develops, strengthens and manages relationships and joint initiatives with public and private schools and institutions, the Association of Geologists, public and private Earth Science museums. It organizes refresher courses, training and seminars, in accordance with the activities proposed by Academic Boards;
  • It manages the Department's media visibility through the website and any other digital communication channels, such as social networks and the University portal, in order to advertise the Department's initiatives outside the academic community;
  • It promotes the Department's activities both nationally and internationally, and encourages participation in national and international calls for the dissemination, promotion and development of geosciences.

The Committee reports to the Department Board on its activities and the related costs.

- Committee for Technology Transfer, which promotes and coordinates initiatives to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technological innovations developed by the Department staff to the outside world. 

More specifically, the Committee acts as a link for activities concerning:

  • Intellectual property (patents);
  • Spin-offs;
  • Services for third parties;
  • Innovation intermediaries (Technology Transfer Offices, Incubators, Consortia and Associations for the Third Mission, Science Parks).

The Committee reports on its activities to the NdVD and subsequently to the Department Board.

Furthermore, the Committee maintains a database (available to Department members for consultation) of public and private bodies involved in technology transfer initiatives.

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