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Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee  

The Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee acts as a permanent watchdog of training activities and Quality Assurance. 


The Department of Earth Sciences liaises with the following Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees (CDPS): 

CPDS for the Interdepartmental Academic Board for the study programme in   Natural Sciences


The Committee is required to prepare an annual report on activities carried out. 

For more information on the functions of the Committees and on their Annual Report, visit the Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee Annual Report page (https://www.unimi.it/it/ateneo/assicurazione-della-qualita/assicurazione-della-qualita-nei-corsi-di-studio/commissioni-paritetiche-docenti-studenti-cpds) on the University website.


More specifically, the Committees are in charge of:

  • Monitoring the educational offering, the quality of teaching and support services;
  • Expressing opinions on the creation and cancellation of study programmes;
  • Drawing up an Annual Report for each study programme, also based on student opinions collected through the questionnaires distributed at the end of the lessons.


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