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Plasma Emission Spectroscopy Laboratory (MP)  

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  Ferrari Elena email    elena.ferrari@unimi.ittelefono   +39 02 503 15576
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  Ferrari Elenaemail    elena.ferrari@unimi.ittelefono   +39 02 503 15576
  ICP_1 Agilent 4100
 Microwave-Plasma spectrometer (MP-AES)  
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Agilent 4100 Microwave-Plasma spectrometer (MP-AES)

The instrument works with a magnetically-excited nitrogen plasma (quartz torch) generated using
microwave technology. The gas for the plasma is obtained from an Agilent 4107 Nitrogen Generator,
which uses pressure swing absorption technology to produce 25L/min >99.5% purity nitrogen from
compressed air (input flow 115L/min at 620kPa). The spectrometer is equipped with: 

  • five channels fully PC-controlled peristaltic pump (speed from0 to 80rpm) 
  • Czerny-Turner design monochromator (600mm focal length and fixed entrance slit) holographic
    diffraction grating with 2400lines/mm is blazed at 250nm (wavelength range 178–780nm) 
  • hermetically-sealed (back-thinned) low noise charge coupled device (CCD) solid state detector
    (532 x 128 pixels) 


The optical system can be purged with Nitrogen at 10 L/min for sulphur determinations. A cyclonic
nebulizing chamber is mounted for routine analysis, but a Multimode Sample Introduction System
(MSIS) for hydride generation (determination of As and Hg) is also available. 


Attività di Ricerca
svolta dal
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Research activities

Analisi chimica di elementi maggiori, minori e in traccia di suoli, rocce e minerali.
Esecuzione di analisi nell'ambito dei progetti di ricerca condotti all'interno del
Dipartimento e per prestazioni conto terzi.

Qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis on waters, rocks, soils, minerals and plants
(concentration range ppm-ppb). Solid samples are digested using concentrated acids, or are
first melted on a propane/air flame (1900˚C) with a flux additive (Na2CO3, LiBO2 or Li2B4O7),
then dissolved with dilute acid. 




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