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Sample Preparation Laboratories  

Responsabile /
Poli Stefano   email    stefano.poli@unimi.it  telefono   +39 02 503 15595
Personale di
riferimento /
Ferrari Elenaemail    elena.ferrari@unimi.it  telefono   +39 02 503 15576
Attrezzature /

Chemistry Laboratory Equipment:

  • Microwave system
  • WTW MultiLine P3 handheld meter. 
  • Six positions Milestone Microwave Laboratory System MLS-1200 Mega 
  • Low (up to 200˚C) and high (up to 1300˚C) temperature furnaces

Research activity:
Measurements of pH, conductivity and redox potential on water and soil samples; dissolution of solid samples with concentrated acids; L.O.I. determination and syntheses at controlled temperature of material science samples.


Grinding Laboratory Equipment:

  • Fritsch Analysette 6 planetary mill (four positions with agate jars and balls) 
  • Automatic agate mortar 
  • Hydraulic press

Research activity:
Rocks and soils samples are reduced for minerals separation or chemical treatment and further analysis.




Minerals separation Laboratory Equipment: 

Frantz & Carpco 

  • S.G. Frantz Company Inc isodynamic separator Model L-1 with max current 1.5A, forward slope 20-40˚ and side slope 5-15˚
  • Carpco high-intensity wet electromagnetic separator Model MWL3465 with low range current 0-0.7A and high range current 0-6.0A
  • Stainless steel sieves (aperture from 4mm to 30µm)
  • Fritsch Analysette sieve shaker
  • Centrifuges for small (up to 50ml) and large (up to 100ml) volumes


Research activity:

Minerals are separated according to their size, magnetic susceptibility (exploiting either paramagnetic or diamagnetic properties) or density. For the latter, separating fennels and high density liquids are available: bromoform (CHBr3 with density 2,89 g/cm3) and diiodomethane (C2H2I2 with density 3,325 g/cm3). 




Attività di Ricerca
svolta dal
laboratorio /
Research activities
Macinazione e preparazione di campioni per tutte le esigenze analitiche.
Preparazione di campioni per le analisi nell'ambito dei progetti di
ricerca condotti all'interno del Dipartimento e per prestazioni conto terzi.



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