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Laboratorio di Micropaleontologia  

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Elisabetta Erba

Maria Rose Petrizzo

  email     elisabetta.erba@unimi.it

  email     mrose.petrizzo@unimi.it

telefono   +39 02 503 15530

telefono   +39 02 503 15531

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    Fume hood TyphoonCentrifuge and microscopies
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The Micropaleontology Laboratory consists of a Laboratory for Sample Preparation and a Microscopy Laboratory.

The laboratory for Sample Preparation is equipped with:

  • UV equipment
  • Splitter McLane
  • Filtration machine
  • Settling Boxes equipment
  • Hot plate with thermostat control
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine
  • Several sets of sieves with different mesh sizes (from 0.250 mm to 0.040 mm)
  • Centrifuge machine REMI R-10M
  • Fume hood
  • Set for thinning up thin sections
  • Core sampling facilities

The Microscopy Laboratory is equipped with:

  • 10 stereoscopic microscopes (Leica MZ12.5, Wild M38, Zeiss, Leitz).
  •  4 polarizing microscopes (Leitz laborlux 12 pols, Leitz ortholux, Leica DM LSP).
  •  3 digital cameras for image capturing and analysis (Leica DFC 290 on the Leica MZ12.5 stereomicroscope,
    COHU on the Leitz laborlux polarization microscope, Q-Imaging RoHS MicroPublisher 5.0 RTV on the
    Leitz laborlux polarizing microscope).


Attività di Ricerca
svolta dal
laboratorio /
Research activities
  •  Study of calcareous nannofossils for biostratigraphy, paleoecological and paleoclimatic reconstructions
    based on semi-quantitative, quantitative and morphometric analyses.
    The analyses can be conducted on smear slides, settling slides and/or ultra-thin sections, as well as on
    samples prepared with filters and splitter device.
    Morphometric analyses are performed using digital images.
  •  Study of foraminifera for biostratigraphy, paleoecological and paleoclimatic reconstructions on weighted and
    unweighted washed residues, thin sections and via morphometric analyses on digital images.



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