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Type Title Principal Investigators Status Year
MAE_GR - Bandi Affari Esteri e Cooperazione Internazionale - PROGETTI DI GRANDE RILEVANZA
The Land of Lulu. Missione geo-archeologica nella laguna di Umm al-Quwain (Emirati Arabi Uniti)
  • ANDREA ZERBONI loading
Ongoing 2023
DGRUP - Programmi della DG Regional and Urban Policy (REGIO)
Assessing and supporting the application of the Degree of Urbanisation in the Global South
Ongoing 2023
H2020_ERC - Horizon 2020_Europern Research Council
The chemical consequences of vapour loss during planetary accretion (VapLoss)
  • STEFANO POLI loading
Ongoing 2023
CONTR_CNR - Contratti di ricerca finanziata da CNR
Origin and fate of refractory and ultra-refractory domains in the oceanic mantle: new constraints from the Iberia-Newfoundland, Hess Deep and IBM drilled peridotites
Ongoing 2023
PSR_LINEA2_ / Piano di sviluppo di ricerca - Dotazioni dipartimentali - Linea 2
Piano di Sostegno alla Ricerca 2015-2017 - Linea 2 "Dotazione annuale per attività istituzionali" (anno 2022)
  • MARCO MASETTI loading
Ongoing 2023
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
Conservation of life on Earth: the fossil record as an unparallelled archive of ecological and evolutionary responses to past warming events
  • CINZIA BOTTINI loading
Ongoing 2023
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
TRANSIENT. Time-integRAted melt-depletioN SIgnature in an Evolving sub-ridge maNTle
Ongoing 2023
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
GEOTRes – Geoheritage threating and resilience: mapping the impact of geomorphic and human processes in sensitive morphoclimatic environments
Ongoing 2023
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
Abrupt Lithofacies Variations IN the stratigraphic record: proxies for environmental and climate changes - ALVIN
  • FABRIZIO BERRA loading
Ongoing 2023
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
AWARE - Exploring new volcanological perspectives at the Marsili seamount: from magma generation to eruption and implications for the volcanic hazard in Southern Italy
  • ENRICO CANNAO' loading
Ongoing 2023
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